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Formed over 14 years ago this Limavady 6 piece continues to perform live in the local clubs and venues throughout the whole of Ireland.

We specialise in Irish traditional and Irish rock music, although we will attempt anything anywhere keeping the music live and the craic high. The band are Paul Canning (Bass Guitar) Eamon Kelly (Lead Guitar) Brian Anderson (Drums & Vocals) John Mc Gurk (Acoustic Guitar) Rory O Hara (Vocals and Tin Whistle) Michael Kelly (Mandolin).

Our bebo site is now also very active and you can find by clicking the Bebo link above. Many instant photos are loaded after every gig and itís a great way of catching up with lost friends, and more importantly lost craic.

Plans are a foot for a long awaited cd which should hit the pirate market sometime this year. Bookings for 2008 have been unbelievable with many key dates already accounted for.

If you wish to book the Band please drop us a line via any of our sites and we will do all in our powers to accommodate your needs.

The direction of Stout is not planned, and never will be, we are all part of a journey with happy events and fun live gigs ahead.

KEEP IT 100% LIVE....Stout.ie

Brian Anderson

Paul Canning

Eamon Kelly

Mickey Kelly

John McGurk

Rory O'Hara